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This article is about something not canon to the storyline of the two films.

Top Gun: Fire at Will is a 1996 video game developed and published by Spectrum Holobyte for DOS, Microsoft Windows, Sony Playstation, and Mac OS. It is a licensed game in the Top Gun franchise.


Players assume the role of Pete "Maverick" Mitchell piloting an F-14 TomCat fighter in four theaters of war. The first is in Miramar where Maverick undergoes the Top Gun training program, while the other three theaters focuses on Maverick's deployments in Cuba, Korea, and Libya. Interspersed in between gameplay are recorded live-action full-motion video cutscenes, with Top Gun actor James Tolkan being the only film actor involved in the project.


  • Commander Hondo: James Tolkan
  • Sam "Merlin" Wells: George Castillo
  • Reporter Amanda Moore: Julie Carmen
  • Raven: Celia Shuman
  • Stinger: Jamison Jones
  • Nomad: Nick Scoggin
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