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Tom Kazansky (callsign: Iceman) was one of only a few United States Naval Aviators to be sent to TOPGUN. He had an extremely cocky personality and was known for his big ego, as was his R.I.O., Slider. His signature bleached hair tips are closely associated with the fact that he is "the best pilot" in the new class of TOPGUN students.


Top Gun[]

From Maverick's first day, it was clear that Iceman was going to be a difficult partner to fly with. Throughout the film, both pilots competed with each other for top place, desperately wanting their name on the plaque that recorded the names of the best pilot from each class.

Two weeks before graduation Maverick and Iceman went in the air together on one of their last exercises for the school. As Maverick moved in for a shot, he was cut off by an overly-competitive Iceman, who then found himself too close to fire. Iceman pulled up and away forcing Maverick to fly through his jet wash. The dirty air stalled Maverick's jet engines and sent him into a flat spin. Maverick was able to eject safely, however his R.I.O, Goose, was killed.

Iceman eventually graduated at the top of his class after Maverick nearly dropped out. The two once again went into the air on their first official mission together and Maverick saved Iceman from several enemy MiGs, allowing Iceman to grant Maverick his respect. At the end of the film his last and famous line "You can be my wingman anytime," was delivered.

Top Gun: Maverick[]

Iceman is set to return 30 years after his exploits in Top Gun in Top Gun: Maverick. He has achieved the rank of Admiral and is serving as the commander of the U.S. Pacific fleet. His son is one of Maverick's students at Top Gun.