CDR Tom "Stinger" Jordan is the CAG or Commander Air Group of the USS Enterprise, a United States nuclear aircraft carrier. He is Maverick, Goose and Cougar's commanding officer. At the opening of the film, he is in the radar room checking on the number of F-14s that take off from and land onto the deck of the ship.

History Edit

He orders Maverick to land his plane as he is trying to save Cougar and then chews him and Goose out for the incident while talking about the number of times they got into trouble. Then he tells them that since Cougar turned his wings in and quit, they are going to TOPGUN. Shortly after Maverick, Hollywood, Wolfman, Iceman and Slider graduate from TOPGUN he briefs them on the mission which involves a stalled ship. He is in the radar room as Hollywood and Wolfman are shot down, and orders a rescue helicopter to find them and then launches Maverick and Merlin to help Iceman and Slider out. After the incident he congratulates Maverick and tells him that he has his choices of duties. He jokingly expresses horror after Maverick chooses to return to Top Gun as a instructor.

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