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Lieutenant Robert "Bob" Floyd is a naval flight officer trained on the F/A-18F Super Hornet and a graduate of TOPGUN. He is LT Natasha "Phoenix" Trace's weapon systems officer (WSO).


Top Gun: Maverick

Bob is an elite TOPGUN graduate selected to return and train as a candidate for a secret mission to destroy a uranium enrichment facility.

During basic fighter maneuver (BFM) training, Phoenix and Bob were challenged against CAPT Pete "Maverick" Mitchell to see who could shoot the other down first. Phoenix and Bob were shot down by Maverick. and as a result, were forced to do two hundred pushups (the agreed upon amount set by LT Reuben "Payback" Fitch); the fulfillment of this lost bet was overseen by WO-1 Bernie "Hondo" Coleman, who stood-in as an impromptu drill instructor.

After one of the practice strike sessions, Phoenix and Bob's F/A-18F suffered a bird strike, causing a left engine fire and right engine overheat. Despite Phoenix's efforts to extinguish the fires, the engines could not be restarted and hydraulics soon failed, forcing her and Bob to eject. Both recovered.

At the end of the training period, Phoenix and Bob were selected by Maverick and paired with him. They successfully complete the mission and return to the carrier to celebrate with other mission group members and deck crew.


In order of precedence:

Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal - Two 5⁄16 inch gold star devices denote third award.
Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal - Two 5⁄16 inch gold star devices denote third award. Navy Unit Commendation National Defense Service Medal
Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal Global War on Terrorism Service Medal Sea Service Deployment Ribbon - Two 3⁄16 inch bronze star devices denote third award.


  • Prior to the special mission, Bob was assigned/attached to strike fighter squadron VFA-51 Screaming Eagles.
    • Unlike other represented squadrons, fighter squadron VF-51 was in reality disestablished in 1995; having never transitioned from F-14 Tomcats to F-18E/F Super Hornets. The squadron is presumably reactivated for some time before the special mission.
  • Bob is a good friend to everyone, especially Phoenix and Rooster.
  • Phoenix and Bob's fighter jet is an F/A-18F; Modex #300.
  • During selection trials, Phoenix and Bob are part of 'Blue Team' with LT Javy "Coyote" Machado.
  • During the beach football scene, Bob is the only character to wear a shirt.
    • Initially, the scene was supposed to be a 'shirts vs skins' scenario, however some of the cast who were selected to be a 'shirt' wanted to show off all of the hard work and effort they put into getting physically fit for their role and switched to be a 'skin' instead. This inspired others to switch, eventually leaving Bob the only remainder.
  • While in Dagger Squadron during the special mission, Phoenix and Bob are assigned aircraft callsign 'Dagger-02'; F/A-18F modex #02.