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The Northrop/McDonnel Douglas YF-23 is a twin engine/twin tail stealth fighter demonstrator prototype developed as part of the USAF's Advanced Tactical Fighter program as a rival to the YF-22. The US Navy considered using the production variant as a replacement for the F-14 Tomcat but these plans were cancelled. Around the 2010s, schematics of the actual NATF-23 surfaced online and was different in many ways from the original YF-23 and EMD variants.


A proposed naval variant of the YF-23 known as the NATF-23 was considered as an F-14 Tomcat replacement. The original YF-23 design was first considered but would have had issues with flight deck space handling, storage, landing, and catapult launching reasons requiring a different design.

The NATF-23, the schematics of which surfaced in the 2010s, was different in many ways, the diamond wing was located as far back as possible, it has conventional twin tails instead of the ruddervator with serrations for low RCS and increased maneuverability at low speeds for aircraft carrier operations, folding wing capability for flight deck storage, reinforced landing gear, tailhook and canards for landing on aircraft carriers and thrust vectoring nozzles. The intakes were also different as they were a quarter circle with serrations and were to have an increased 48ft wingspan and a 62ft length.